Purchase and Sell


Buying a new home is a great investment…

If you decide to purchase or get prepared to become a homeowner; Great Realty, is a great place to start.  We will give you information and guidance from beginning to end.

25 years of experience in the industry is our best guarantee. We are a full service agency that will lend you a hand throughout the entire process of purchasing or selling a property. Our team of dedicated professionals thrives to make our clients dream come true. Our initial consultation or analysis, is to understand the property you desire to purchase, then we will send you to our lending department for a prequalification.

Our team will guide you and explain to you each step of the process including:

  • current market opportunities
  • home search
  • inspection
  • attorney review
  • appraisal
  • lending

The lending department will do the same for you with the prequalification, application, processing and closing. Our goal is for you to have a smooth process and obtain your home keys. And yes! We do help you get a tenant if you purchase a multi-family. That is the one-stop transaction experience!

Selling your house and making a change…

For various reasons, you might want to sell your property. And you want the most out of your investment. This requires qualified professionals to help you

prepare you and your property for the sale. We start with a thorough comparative market analysis (CMA) to let you know the possible purchase price range. Therefore, we move on to the property evaluation, resulting in an effective report of possible home improvement projects that in some cases, this could help you get a higher price range.

Although, we have a better seller’s market than in the recent past, a great marketing plan is key to promote the property and to obtain qualified buyers. Our marketing team develops both a traditional and digital marketing personalized plan to promote each property.  Furthermore, we also have the real estate multiple listing systems, our own large database and a team with their own network.

Great Realty, also offers appointments coordination. That is an amazing feature as part of our plan to assist you to save time and allow showings to qualified buyers only. If you are unsure of a prospects qualification, we can help them review the process or provide them with other lending options. Our satisfaction comes when you receive your check at closing. That is our one stop transaction guarantee.