Broker of record

Fernando Tafur


Fernando Tafur is the Broker-Owner of Great Realty, LLC. And has been servicing the Northern NJ area with honesty and professionalism, since 1995.


Mr. Tafur, emigrated from South America to the US at the age of 24 seeking to full-fill the American dream. Purchasing a property and spending quality time with his family was his main goal. Aiming to be part of the highest paid jobs in the blue collar field.


He worked in various jobs such as: asbestos handler, construction worker, and as a painter. This was his strategy to move forward faster to reach his goals.

After many years of hard work and dedication; he purchased his first multi-family property in Hudson County. Finally, one of his big life events happened in America. Unfortunately, it was not a dream, but a nightmare. He encountered many issues with this transaction like:


  • The property’s purchase price was above market value
  • His wife’s signature was not recorded in the deed
  • They didn’t give him the accurate amount of taxes for his monthly payment


Therefore, all these issues took away the happiness of purchasing a property, turning it into a nightmare. He couldn’t afford the payments and to avoid foreclosure, he did a short sale. During the investigation and trying to resolve the issue, he learned a great amount of the short sale process. Also, he understood what was the proper procedure in the mortgage and real estate transaction. This was a turning point in his life. He decided to become an agent. His motto was honesty and professionalism for his clients and avoid at all cost that any family experiences what he went through.


He became one of the best sellers in Hudson County. As a Real Estate Agent and with a successful career he worked his way up to become a Broker.